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Draft Environmental Impact Statement for a Replacement Robley Rex VA Medical Center,

Louisville, Kentucky

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has prepared a draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) for the VA proposal to construct and operate a 104-bed hospital, diagnostic and treatment facilities, Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) regional office, and required site amenities and improvements. This proposed project would replace the existing Robley Rex VA Medical Center, three community-based outpatient clinics, and the existing VBA regional office with new facilities of sufficient capacity to meet the current and projected future healthcare needs of Veterans in the Louisville service area. The EIS evaluates the impact of three alternatives: (1) Constructing and operating the replacement campus at the Brownsboro Road site; (2) The alternative to construct and operate the replacement campus at the St. Joseph site; and (3) The no action alternative.

During the public comment period for this DEIS, the VA invites comments from Veterans, stakeholders, government agencies, and members of the public on the development of these alternatives, potential environmental impacts from any alternatives, and suggestions to mitigate impacts.

​This is your opportunity to provide input to the process.  

The comments period on the Draft EIS will open on October 28, 2016, and comments must be received not later than January 11, 2017:

by email to

by mail to:    Robley Rex VAMC
                       Attn: Replacement VAMC Activation Team Office
                       800 Zorn Avenue
                       Louisville, KY 40206

or by selecting the comment link below

This link sends your comment directly to the EIS contractor. You have the option to provide contact information, can choose to be added to the mailing list for future notifications, or you may submit your comment anonymously. This link does not allow attachments. Commenters who wish to submit supporting items as attachments must do so by email to the VA (limit 5Mb) or by ordinary mail. 

When submitting comments to an EIS, please keep in mind that comments are not counted as “votes” for or against the proposal. A comment submitted once carries just as much weight as one submitted multiple times.

Please see for more detailed information and for regular updates.

Thank you for participating in the National Environmental Protection Act process.